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Welcome Home, Sis.

Ready to become a more effective leader, overcome organizational issues, and empower your team? BLAZE provides group coaching, community, and capital opportunities that can help you achieve more than ever before.

Building Leaders and Accepting Zero Excuses

Our Offerings

Our Offerings


The Blaze Business Intensive is our signature group coaching offering. Join a cohort of like-minded Black female entrepreneurs in a 6-week program that teaches you how to master business management. From business planning to strategy & automation to projections - we have you covered.


TablexTribe by BLAZE GROUP is our Apple + Android app. It is the natural next step for Blaze Business Intensive graduates - as it houses the Blaze Mastermind Membership. App users enjoy goal tracking, audio meditations, 1:1 business coach chatting, community meetings and more! 


As a Kiva Trustee of, we bridge members of our community to no-fee, interest-free loans up to $15,000. We will endorse your loan application after submission, improving your credibility + increasing your odds of being fully funded in the public raise round.  


The Story of BLAZE GROUP

Casey Richardson has become a well-known Business + Financial expert across America, Europe and even Africa over the past ten years. In 2020, she created BLAZE GROUP to provide Black women with the access to knowledge, mentorship and capital that they needed + deserved. Today, her company supports +5,500 Black female entrepreneurs.

Committed to teaching Black female trailblazers how to work smarter and master business management skills, BLAZE GROUP is honored to help countless clients manifest their wildest dreams.

Upcoming Events

  • How to Build A Profitable Empire
    Learn how I built + scaled a profitable, globally-recognized startup aligned to my passion.... with no pre-existing audience, brand or external funding! I can't wait to meet you.
  • Operating as an Authority in Your Lane
    Having trouble believing in yourself? Not quite comfortable bragging on yourself? Anyone can win at the game of charisma. Join this webinar, where safe space is created to help you pull out the most electrifying presentation of yourself to gift to others.
  • Leverage Your Most Profitable Skills
    Learn how to maximize your time, profit and joy! The success and survival of your business is a byproduct of your passion, purpose and power as a business owner. Join this webinar to learn how to strategically run your business in ways that FIRST edifies you.
  • How To Scale Your Business
    In general, growth is thought of in linear terms: a company adds new resources (capital, people, or technology), and its revenue increases as a result. By contrast, SCALING is when revenue increases WITHOUT a substantial increase in resources. Learn about scaling for more strategic revenue growth.
  • How To Create Cash Flow Projections
    Financial forecasting is a critical part of ALL businesses - no matter the size, maturity or industry. That said, it's one of the most intimidating aspects of business management - given formulaic calculations, the need for assumptions and a requirement that organization takes place. Join me!
  • Automation Webinar
    We've often heard the phrase - work smarter, not harder - yet, critics rarely take the time to explain what achieving this actually looks like.... leaving you just as exhausted and overworked as you've always been. In this webinar, I will teach you the secrets.
  • Making Budgeting Simple
    Have you been avoiding opening your bank account because you don't want to see how much you've been going off the rails? Does the thought of reconciling your expenses make you nauseous? Do you need help mastering budgeting and financial discipline? This webinar is the answer to your prayers.
  • Finding Target Customers
    Having a large following does not lead to profitability if that population is not engaged. Your population will not engage in your business content if you are not targeting the right audience. You can't target the right audience if you do not know how to find that audience... join this webinar! :)
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Working From Home

Blaze Knowledge Academy

The Blaze Business Intensive is our signature 6-week group coaching program that helps you master business management + reclaim valuable time. To learn more, visit our educational platform.

TablexTribe App by BLAZE GROUP

Even beyond our signature course, we're committed to sustaining safe circles, accountability and founder development. The Blaze Mastermind is the natural next for our course graduates. Download the TablexTribe app today! 

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Inclusive Financial Partnerships

With a decade of corporate banking experience, Casey Richardson understands how important inclusive finance is for achieving scale and longevity. Head over to our finance site to learn about the 0% interest loans up to $15,000 that BLAZE GROUP is securing for its community through its partnership with

“I have a huge passion for challenging the norm and making space for people who are so deserving but lack equitable opportunity. I want to eradicate the barriers that exist today in terms of access to financial capital, knowledge and mentorship.” Casey Richardson, Founder


Client Reviews

Authentic Testimonials


Casey pushes you to tap into your greatness. I would recommend the Blaze Business Intensive course to other Black women because it pushes you and helps you to manage your business like a boss. I liked the assignments and how they forced me to shift my way of thinking.


Casey believed in each of our abilities to succeed. Black women need guidance with business management, and the Blaze Business Intensive provided that. We all can win, so I love that it pulls the next sister along. I gained new insights, organization, and help getting my finances together.


I took the self-paced, digital version of the Blaze Business Intensive. Casey being so supportive and encouraging throughout. Even though it wasn't live, I still felt her positive energy throughout the course! This course really gives the business minded foundations and the business blueprint to truly be successful in your endeavors as an entrepreneur. It teaches you to understand it from the inside out and to really work ON your business instead of constantly working IN your business.


Casey was relatable. She validated our ideas, questions, and businesses. She really made me feel like what I was working toward in my business was possible and attainable. I would recommend the Blaze Business Intensive to other Black women because what we see online about starting businesses is mostly geared toward marketing or making money. Running a business is so much more than that. This course provided the tools we need to establish and run our businesses successfully. It provides the foundation all new and established business owners need to ensure their business is on the right path to profitability and success.

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You're right on time. Enrollment is Open!

Learn how to manage your business with the precision of a ninja so that you reduce burnout, reclaim valuable time, and construct the life of your dreams in the here and now.

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