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Blaze Knowledge Academy

BLAZE stands for Building Leaders and Accepting Zero Excuses.

This is the standard that we hold ourselves to as a provider of services to incredible visionaries. It is the same mantra that we ask our clients to hold themselves to, so that fear does not stand in the way of their dreams. Just as importantly, it is the energy that we expect from our corporate partners - given they hold the keys to unlocking powerful resources that many of our clients have not previously had access to.

Working From Home

Blaze Business Intensive | Live Cohort & Self-Paced Options

6-week Business Management course for Black female trailblazers who are doing it all in their businesses, but struggling to do it well. Modules include business planning, budgeting, cash flow projections, strategy, automation and more.

A Young Woman Writing

1:1 Coaching & Consulting Retainers

Founder Casey Richardson offers 1:1 coaching + consulting retainers for aid in the areas of:​​

  • Entrepreneurship Transition

  • Forecast Modeling

  • Strategic Planning

  • Automation Implementation

  • Customer Targeting

  • Networking Strategy

Working on Laptop

Blaze Knowledge Academy Masterclasses

Our educational platform is stacked with masterclass + resource guide / workbook bundles, as well as live workshops that allow you to grow alongside other entrepreneurs. Class topics range from Operating as an Authority in Your Niche to How to Find Your Target Customers. Learning has honestly never been so easy + fun!

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