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Blaze Group provides expertise that aids enterprises in positively impacting the globe's most vulnerable populations while innovating for continued market viability. We help our clients achieve targeted social and operational outcomes against a rapidly evolving technological landscape - combining extensive experience from business development, finance, government, and broader tech sectors.

Impact, Equity, Innovation

Our Impact Services for Organizations

Blaze Group offers a range of services for organizations. This ranges from corporates who want to increase the inclusion of historically disenfranchised individuals, to focused nonprofits who hold impact at the core of their business model. Our range of services are illustrated below.

Impact Strategy


Impact Measurement &


Current State Audit & Gap


Workflow Audits &

Automation Consulting

Framework Implementation &

Project Implementation

Market Research &

Competitor Analysis

Blaze Group also offers tailored solutions for organizations that wish to integrate tech (financial and educational) products into their solution offerings. We design minimal viable products (MVPs) and implementation strategies, including beta testing analysis, success key performance indicators (KPIs) and adoption measurement frameworks to allow organizations to measure their market penetration and track improvement over time.

Project Citations

From small businesses to multinationals, Blaze Group advises on strategy, impact measurement, and cross-functional support to bridge our clients to innovation that drives inclusion, equity, and sustainability.

Red Tractor in Field


Hello Tractor

Hello Tractor provides a native app solution that connects farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa to tractor owners in nearby communities. While this solution provides the ability for poor, smallholder farmers to access much-needed mechanization, farmer demand far exceeds supply given only 15,000 new tractors are sold on the entire African continent each year and commercial banks invest less than 5% of their loan portfolios in African agriculture.

Blaze Group developed an innovative pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solution for aspiring agribusiness entrepreneurs, allowing leasing customers to pay down their leasing contract as they service nearby farms. Small, weekly repayments are made (based on actual work completed), increasing the ease of repayment at the time at which revenue is generated. With the strategic assistance, messaging, marketing strategy and project management provided by Blaze Group, the company
raised $5MM+ within its first 3 months of running the pilot program. More than 40% of women are tractor owners.


The Literacy Lab

The Literacy Lab provides sustainable, research- and evidence-based early literacy intervention to students in Pre-K through grade 3. The Literacy Lab has offices across 6 states and serves 6,300 students per year (in partnership with 142 schools). Given the nation's struggle to overcome literacy challenges over the past several decades, which was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Blaze Group was engaged to assist the nonprofit in conducting market research & strategic planning to achieve increased scale, accessibility, data capture, and cultural competency.  

Blaze Group conducts ongoing internal gap analysis, field interviews, market research, and competitive analysis to streamline insights across a relatively fragmented sector. As the educational sector grapples with high execution costs, the emergence of edtech alternatives with minimal market history, and a talent pipeline leakage - thoughtful and well-paced  testing is imperative. Blaze Group involves the entire firm in exploration, ensuring that collective buy-in and company culture are prioritized. A phased-approach allows for concentrated focus and flexibility in direction through the partnership timeline.

Curious Child


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