World-Class Research on Black Female Entrepreneurs

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BLAZE GROUP currently provides 3,500+ Black female entrepreneurs with an ecosystem of knowledge, capital and mentorship - critical resources that Black female entrepreneurs lack relative to their counterparts. We are on a mission to lead the globe in aiding millions more.

We are changing the world.

BLAZE GROUP is publishing an annual research report on Black female entrepreneurs, the first of its kind.

Intended outcomes are as follows:

  • White papers to be consumed by institutions, aiding them in better serving Black female entrepreneurs, deepening market penetration and delivering resources that Black female entrepreneurs need.

  • New models and scientific frameworks anchored in thought-leadership, adding a much-needed voice to the business management consulting and coaching arena.

  • Increased satisfaction rates of Black entrepreneurs who are currently leveraging antiquated business tools that were not created with the unique hurdles of Black women in mind.

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What Makes An Ideal Fellow?

We are looking for Fellows who are currently in their senior year of undergraduate study. Business discipline majors are strongly preferred.

The strongest candidates will convey an ability to: 

  • Challenge the status quo

  • Run statistical analysis with minimal oversight

  • Articulate their conclusions / proposals in ways that are aesthetically-pleasing and professionally structured

  • Work well in teams

  • Collaborate with the Founder of BLAZE via video conferencing

  • Manage their time effectively and meet critical deadlines

Fellowship Details

Program Duration

Jan 2022 - March 2022
Interviews and final selections will be conducted 1H of Jan.

Time Commitment

5 Hours per Week 
Project timelines and key milestones will be mutually agreed upon.


Unpaid. Name and Credit listed on the globally-distributed research report.


Expediting the inclusion
of Black women in business & closing of the wealth-gap.

Meet Our Founder: