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Finally, a Mastermind that helps Black women commercialize their businesses!

You've done all the right things:

  • Committed tirelessly to building systems and products that practically run themselves

  • Iterated offerings to improve quality and professionalism based on solicited feedback

  • Implemented proven strategies offered to you by the best specialists and coaches in their fields

  • Nurtured a customer base that is loyal and generating recurring revenue for your business


Boxing Session

Mediocre won't do!

  • Are you frustrated by slowing growth in your business, given you KNOW you have the solutions that millions of consumers are looking for today?

  •  Have you outpaced your current sphere of influence, leaving you in desperate need of environments where iron can sharpen iron? 

  • Do you have a vision of a luxurious lifestyle as a thriving CEO, but can't seem to find the footing to take the intermediate steps to get there?

  • Are you sick and tired of hearing about phenomenal opportunities much too late, leaving you in a marginalized position year after year?

Why YOU should join a mastermind...

  • Get Ahead of the Competition: As part of an intimate mastermind cohort, you'll learn from the shared experiences and tactics of your fellow members - saving you precious time and money.

  • Solve Problems in Your Business: Voice challenges that you're experiencing in your business in real-time so that you can hear solutions that allow you to get ahead of them before they become major roadblocks to success.

  • Stay on Target through Accountability:  Add fun and support to your hunger for success by winning alongside your own personal advisory board! It will feel good to know you've kept your commitments to yourself and your mastermind group. 

  • Benefits to Mental Health: Studies have shown that entrepreneurs are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and mood disorders than those who have traditional 9 to 5 jobs. A strong community helps to combat this.

  • Scale Extremely Fast: Mastermind resources (books, studies, etc.) and consistent peer-mentoring opportunities allow members to absorb concepts quickly and apply them to business operations. 

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Here's What You Get:

  1. Exclusive access to a Mastermind Community

  2. Monthly, virtual 60-minute mastermind meetings

  3. Mastermind file cabinet (filled with business templates) 

  4. Mastermind book club centering Industry-leading literature

  5. Exclusive banking, systems, and legal insights

You Have Options

1. Try to commercialize your business alone

This is a long, hard road that leads to many mistakes, a sinking pit of wasted money and the loss of valuable time.

On the other hand...

2. You could join someone else's mastermind group

This solution is much better than the first, though you won't be joining a protected space that was created especially for + by Black women.

Or better yet!

3. You can join a Blaze Mastermind Group

Our arms are open wide, ready to accept you into a sacred community of healing, growth, sisterhood, tactical strategy, and belonging. Our 9-month mastermind program is everything that Black women have needed to scale and commercialize their business models with confidence.

Image by Zach Vessels

Created for US, by US.

Welcome home, sis.

Founder Casey Richardson started BLAZE GROUP after spending a decade structuring multi-billion-dollar loans for technology companies, never seeing Black women on the receiving ends of those deals. Furthermore, she never had the opportunity to work alongside other Black women on the deal teams she served on - making it painfully obvious that world-class business knowledge was not making it to the streets of her community. 

Casey has packaged the best knowledge and frameworks from around the globe and delivered it to Black women in ways that feed their souls. Casey understands that healing from trauma is not separate from the entrepreneurial journey. On the contrary, it's often the very road that many Black women took to arrive at entrepreneurship. 

For ages, Black women have carried the world on their backs. Raising babies for wealthy families, providing shelter to those who have no other options, swallowing their own dreams because not even loved ones have held intentional space to hear them out.

BLAZE stands for "building leaders and accepting zero excuses." It is the spirit that Casey serves from. It is the commitment that she seeks from corporate partners. It is the mindset that she cultivates in the women that she serves.


Who is the ideal candidate for the Blaze Mastermind?

Black women who have completed our Blaze Business Intensive are well-positioned for the Blaze Mastermind membership. 

What cities currently have local mastermind chapters?

Entrepreneurs from all regions are welcome to join the mastermind membership. Our mastermind is housed on the TablexTribe app, available in 277 countries.

What if I try and I decide it's not for me?

You are able to cancel your monthly membership at any time you deem necessary. There are no cancellation penalties or contracts to worry about.

What if I miss a virtual meeting?

Attendance in monthly virtual meetings are completely optional. Note that we do not record meetings (as to protect the privacy of all members who share),.

Don't Buy this Offer If:

  • You're not yet serious about growing your company into a multiple 6- or 7-figure enterprise.

  • You don't enjoy sister circles full of support, trust, and genuine love for the tribe. Bye haters!

  • You hate saving time by leveraging proven strategies shared by industry-leading experts.

Enjoy the Moment

Ready to take quantum leaps in your business? Ready to scale your empire without burnout?

Click below to embrace an opportunity that was MADE for you!

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