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Black Women are More Severely Affected by Aggressive Breast Cancer

Photo Credit: John Abbott, BBC

A recent study by Weill Cornell Medicine has found biological connections between persons with African ancestry and an aggressive type of breast cancer.

The researchers examined triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) tumors from a range of patients and discovered a unique combination of genes among patients of African ancestry which differed from those of European ancestry.

Laverne Fauntleroy, a 53-year-old African American from New York shared her story with the BBC.

"I never thought I had anything to worry about. I ate well and exercised regularly but in January, not long before my birthday, I received a diagnosis that left me feeling confused and afraid. They just told me I had breast cancer. Most people that I know that had cancer didn't survive so, of course, I was devastated and very scared." said Laverne

She found out she had TNBC which is a less prevalent form of the disease but has the poorest prognosis of all breast cancers due to its rapid growth as well as its tendency to spread and return.

TNBC is more common in women under 40 and disproportionately affects black women.

You can read more about this study on the BBC website.

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