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Black Women to Watch Out for in the 2022 Midterm Elections

The upcoming midterm elections happening in November 2022 will likely build on the historic wave of female lawmakers that were elected in 2018 when Congress welcomed the first Muslim and first Native American congresswomen and sent women to the Senate for the first time in Arizona and Tennessee.

Essence magazine has just curated a list of 10 Black women who may be setting new records this year if they win their elections. The list includes

  1. Summer Lee

  2. Val Demings

  3. Aramis Ayala

  4. Cheri Beasley

  5. Chelsea Clark

  6. Karen Bass

  7. Odessa Kelly

  8. Deidre DeJear

  9. Andrea Campbell &

  10. Stacey Abrams

To learn more about each of these phenomenal Black women, you can read the full story on Essence.

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