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Jordana Wright is the Woman Behind The Black Twitter App

Photo Credit: ESSENCE

34-year-old Jordana Wright is the brain behind what she calls the "Black people's version of Twitter" which she built about a year ago. She built the app to serve the Black community, one of the most dominant subgroups on Twitter, creating a safe space that helps us heal from all the chaos happening around us by freely creating humor from some of the most stressful and abhorrent situations life throws at us.

Wright's app recently gained a lot of traction following all the backlash that Twitter has been facing over the last couple of weeks as a result of its new leadership's continued missteps. However, she has indicated that her hope is not for the company's downfall. She told ESSENCE:

“It’s something that cannot be replicated, and I definitely don’t hope for Twitter’s downfall at all. I want it to continue as an important place for everyone. There’s space for various types of social media platforms, but the Black Twitter App serves a different need.”

Her app has already grown to 10,000 users since she officially launched it in April 2022. She continues to keep the Black experience top of mind with features such as avatars that have African phenotypic characteristics and naming the news feed "The Cookout". She plans to integrate more culturally connected touchpoints as the app's user base grows to better serve the community.

You can read more about this story on the ESSENCE website.

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