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State of Black Women-Owned
Businesses Report

World-Class Research on Black Female Entrepreneurs

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BLAZE GROUP currently provides 7,000+ Black female entrepreneurs with an ecosystem of knowledge, capital and mentorship - critical resources that Black female entrepreneurs lack relative to their counterparts. Through our management consulting services, we aid Black women on an even larger scale by making scaling intentionally inclusive innovation.


We are on a mission to lead the globe in aiding millions more. Commission Blaze Group to lead your next industry-specific research study. We will produce a  State of Black Women-Owned Businesses Report™️ on your industry topic of choice, aid you in disseminating it to the populations that need it most, and partner with you to catalyze positive change for the sustained empowerment of Black women. 

Together, we can change the world.

BLAZE GROUP is changing the face of thought-leading research, contextualizing the experiences of Black women business owners beyond the footnotes.

Benefits of commissioning a tailored State of Black Women-Owned Businesses Report in your industry:

  • Statistical reports to be consumed by institutions, aiding them in better serving Black female entrepreneurs, deepening market penetration and delivering resources that Black female entrepreneurs need.

  • New models and scientific frameworks anchored in thought-leadership, adding a much-needed voice to the business management consulting arena.

  • Increased satisfaction rates of Black entrepreneurs who are currently leveraging antiquated business tools that were not created with the unique hurdles of Black women in mind.

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Increase the seats at the table.

The State of Black Women-Owned Businesses Report is not your run-of-the-mill research service. We intentionally reflect the voice, aesthetic, and priorities of the Black women that we study in the output. 

Check out the State of Black Women-Owned Businesses Report | 2022, a generalist study on Black female entrepreneurs across all industries in the United States.  This report has been leveraged for educational purposes by instructors at colleges / universities, diversity & inclusions professionals and grassroots community organizations across the United States. 

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