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World-Class Research on Black Female Entrepreneurs

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BLAZE GROUP currently provides 3,500+ Black female entrepreneurs with an ecosystem of knowledge, capital and mentorship - critical resources that Black female entrepreneurs lack relative to their counterparts. We are on a mission to lead the globe in aiding millions more.

We are fighting for you.

BLAZE GROUP is publishing an annual research report on Black female entrepreneurs to share the stories, experiences, and desires of Black female entrepreneurs in a way that has not been done before.

Intended outcomes are as follows:

  • Research publications that are to be consumed by institutions, aiding in the empathy and understanding applied to Black female entrepreneurs.

  • Curation of resources that Black female entrepreneurs need urgently.

  • New frameworks anchored in thought-leadership, steering the approaches of management consulting and coaching firms.

  • Increased satisfaction rates of Black entrepreneurs who are currently leveraging antiquated business tools that were not created with the unique hurdles of Black women in mind.

Meet Our Founder

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