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WFA Immersion Week

Cape Town, South Africa

Take an important first step in working abroad

In-Person, Cohort Learning

Establish connections with like-minded peers

Deep Learnings & Insights

Immersion helps to contextualize strategy

Plush, Luxurious Accommodation

Extremely well-crafted experience & quality

Crafted in Love

BLAZE Founder Casey Ariel Richardson personally structures the annual WFA Immersion Week Group Coaching Experience to be deeply powerful and transformative. She hosts founders to the very city that she began her digital nomad journey, catapulting her into a life of unprecedented freedom and impact.

Enrollment opens each January. Black female entrepreneurs who are looking to learn how to build their own work-from-anywhere businesses are encouraged to enroll!

The WFA Immersion Week Group Coaching Experience is held for a week in September. Enrollment closes in July. Space is limited to 12 students on a first come, first served based.